Your frozen dessert destination

That Yogurt Place is a locally owned and operated frozen yogurt (or as those in the know say, froyo) shop located in the heart of the High Desert of southwest Wyoming.

We've been spreading the great health benefits, and frankly, the outright deliciousness of our rich and creamy froyo (and other non-dairy soft serves) to locals and visitors alike since 2011. All you'll ever need to know about us you'll find here so please feel free to poke around. The worst we'll do is give you a brain freeze.


Weekly Specials


Tuesday is going to become your new favorite day of the week because of our #TastyTuesday promotion. Come in every Tuesday and if you can get your froyo treat to weigh exactly the same number of ounces as the lucky number of the day then it's on the house! 

#Thirsty Thursday

If Tuesday doesn't become your favorite day, then Thursday definitely will! Every Thursday you can come create a large size of your favorite froyo and toppings and we'll blend it all up into a delicious, easy to take away cup. Oh! and we'll only charge you for a small!