Current Flavor Rotation

Updated April 18, 2024

New York Cheesecake *Fan Favorite*

Think you gotta go to New York to taste New York cheesecake? Fa-get-about-it! We’ve got it right here in a tasty froyo.

Mountain Blackberry

Lace up your hiking boots cause this blackberry flavor is taking nonfat froyo to new heights

Lemon Custard

This creamy froyo treat is a blend of tart lemony goodness with just a hint of vanilla mixed so perfectly you’ll want to lick the cup

Dole Mango

Want the sweet, juicy flavor of a fresh mango but don’t have the patience to (try to) cut a fresh one? Then just pull the lever below! 

No Sugar Added Yellow Cake Batter

This froyo is just as tasty as everyone’s favorite cake batter, but a little more grown up since we didn’t add any extra sugar 

Peanut Butter

So much yummy peanutty flavor in every creamy smooth spoonfull you’d expect us to serve it with a side of jelly

Tahitian Vanilla

Straight from the islands, this smooth and  creamy vanilla is perfect alone or as a base for your favorite toppings

California Tart

As laid back as California itself this tart is more mild than it’s EuroTart cousin; but it’s still got an edge over the Original Tart. 

Dutch Chocolate

Why mess with perfection? Get the decadent cocoa flavor of Dutch processed beans in this creamy low-fat froyo

Birthday Cake

The birthday cake treat you’ve always wanted is here, so go ahead, party like it’s your birthday