Current Flavor Rotation

Updated July 16, 2024

Cake Batter *Fan Favorite*

All the awesome flavor of homemade cake batter without having to lick the spoon, but it’s so good you may want to

Sweet Coconut

Do you desperately need a vacation? Well look no furher, every spoonful of this sweet treat will take you to paradise

Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet *Non-Dairy*

Open wide for the sweet strawberry and sensational kiwi taste of this sorbet! these two flavors together forever, in pure delicious harmony

Strawberry Sensation

Let summer's strawberry season last forever! This scrumptious yogurt uses real strawberry puree - making it an absolute must try

No Sugar Added Cheesecake

What's better than freshly made cheesecake? This creamy froyo that tastes just like we pulled it from the oven - but without all the extra sugar

Black Licorice

Is it sweet, salty, sour or all the above? This froyo treat has the distinct anise flavor of its namesake, but is much easier to eat off a spoon

Tahitian Vanilla

Straight from the islands, this smooth and  creamy vanilla is perfect alone or as a base for your favorite toppings

Blueberry Tart

Get a hint of summer freshness when you bite into this fruity tart that’s made all the better by the real blueberry pureé we use to make it

Dutch Chocolate

Why mess with perfection? Get the decadent cocoa flavor of Dutch processed beans in this creamy, lowfat yogurt

Pistachio Gelato

We don't have the cobbled streets or ancient monuments of Italy - but you'll feel like we do with every spoonful of this authentic-style gelato