Current Flavor Rotation

Updated February 19, 2024


A creamy, frozen version of the perfectly mixed beverage you enjoy every morning. We're sure you'll get a shot of pure love with each spoonful

Birthday Cake

The birthday cake treat you’ve always wanted is here, so go ahead, party like it’s your birthday

Orange Dreamsicle

Just like the original, this froyo offer just the right blend of orange and cream, taking you back to summers of yesteryear with each spoonful

Dole® Mango *Non-Dairy*

Want the sweet, juicy flavor of a fresh mango but don’t have the patience to (try to) cut a fresh one? Then just pull the lever below! 

No Sugar Added Blueberry

We don’t have a patch of blueberries growing out back but you might think we do when you experience this froyo without any added sugar

Dulce de Leche

Creamy caramel flavor so good you can't help but make the "yum" face. Go ahead. Try not to. We dare you.

Tahitian Vanilla

Straight from the islands, this smooth and  creamy vanilla is perfect alone or as a base for your favorite toppings

Strawberry Tart

This is one of our lightest, creamiest froyos and it's naturally tart and fruity flavor is a perfect base for any of your favorite toppings

Dutch Chocolate

Why mess with perfection? Get the decadent cocoa flavor of Dutch processed beans in this creamy low-fat froyo